At least once a month, GuruShots holds an Exhibition Challenge.

The difference between a regular challenge and this one is what happens at the end:

For Exhibition challenges, photos are selected to be Printed or Digitally displayed in an art space (i.e. Photo Fair, Art Fair, Art Gallery).

Photos which appear in these Exhibitions have a chance of being sold and you receive the earnings.

The selection process can take a couple of weeks - during that time we contact the owners of the selected photos for Print.

Currently, there are a few options to appear in an exhibition (unless stated otherwise in the challenge details):

  1. Win one of the three categories: Top Photographer, Top Photo or Guru's Top Pick.
  2. Finish in the Top 30% for either Photographers or Photos.
  3. Earn a Gurus Pick
  4. Finish in All-Star level

*Important: You must complete the application form prior to the challenge end.