GuruShots is continuously balancing the game  to keep the game play fine tuned and as fun as possible!  This is done by a combination of playtesting, listening to the community and looking at the stats.

 In the next few days, Autofills will be balanced

What will change?
Autofills will turn in to "Fills" - they will split into individual fills, allowing you more control and to fill only the challenges you want to.

This will allow you to fill your bonus exposure meter in each individual challenge one fill at a time.
You can still fill all challenges with one click by either clicking the "Fill All" Button in my challenges or after clicking an individual fill you will be asked if you want to fill all. 

This means that when filling all - if you are in 10 challenges, you will be using 10 fills. occasionally  you will be offered a free fill if filling all, for example - fill all 10 challenges for 9 fills. 

Why is this changing?

When we introduced Autofills members could have filled 3-5 active challenges with one AutoFill. Since GuruShots grew a lot in this time, the current Autofill allowed to fill 40 challenges at one time.

This caused a big distortion in the number of votes each member needs to fill their meters - this causes and inflation of autofills that are given away with out members needing to vote. 

This inflation caused less people to vote in less challenges which at the end of the day translates to less exposure each member receives.

'End of Challenge' clarification - You will receive 1 Free Fill once 2 challenges you took part in end.