Each voting page presents 300 photos with each photo from a different member.
The system is designed to give an equal opportunity by ensuring that all photos receive equal exposure.

The voting system is a 'blind' system so that you don't know who you are voting for.

The reason for this is to avoid a popularity contest where people bring in friends to win prizes.

Note - In the voting page you will not see your own photos.

In the voting page, it's possible to see the same photo or photos in a number of situations:

1) You didn't vote for them yet.

2) There is a small pool of photos in the challenge at the moment.

3) The photos are new and haven't received any votes yet (once they receive 1-2 votes they'll move to the "back of the line").

4) You've voted so much that there are not enough new photos in the pool to show you different ones :)