GuruShots was born of the idea that anyone has the potential to grow and become a

Guru of photography.

A Guru, in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, means one who is a teacher, guide, or
master of certain knowledge.

Yes, you can win prizes and gain recognition; most of all, you will grow and unlock the great
photographer that lives within you.

This is our mission.

You will begin a “Newbie”, and as you show true grit, determination, and talent, while
battling your way one challenge at a time- the status of “Guru” is within your reach.

Becoming a Guru will be challenging- success and value come only with commitment.

Show the world your creative eye, your impeccable sense of timing, your determination and
patience to get that one shot… that award-winning shot.

At GuruShots, you are part of a community that wants you to win. We want to see your
images that capture our imagination.

It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing a mountain in Nepal or walking a cornfield in
Wisconsin. What matters is how you perceive your world, and then how you successfully
capture it in all of its glory.

It’s time for you to begin.