What is Boost?


The Boost allows you to give a burst of exposure to one selected photo in a challenge. Boosts are locked throughout the challenge and unlock in a random window of time once during the challenge.

The free Boost will only unlock for members who have joined a challenge before 25% of the challenge time has ended or a maximum of 24 hours after the challenge starts.


In order to use your free boost, you press the Boost button on the Active Challenges page in the time window in which the boost unlocks and use it.


* Note: you can only boost once per challenge.

** The Boost feature works over time - it doesn't mean you will receive more votes the moment you use it.

*** Like any other feature, your photo will get more exposure but still needs other members to vote for it.


I missed the boost unlock, what to do?

If you missed the free boost window, you can unlock boosts using keys that can either be purchased or accumulated according to challenge participation.

Missing the boost will be indicated by a message in the challenge and the "!" icon on the boost button.



Boost Button

The Boost button will indicate the status of the boost in each specific challenge.

The boost button has 4 different states:

* When Boost is available, the button will flicker indicating you are good to go! In addition, there will be a countdown of how much time is left to boost. This is your boost window. You can boost at anytime during this countdown. Note that there is no other indication that the boost is open!

 See below:

How to unlock Boost? 

Once you have a key, you can unlock the boost for a specific challenge and choose when to use it. You can unlock a boost and use it at any time in the length of a challenge.


How do I know the image is boosting?


Once you've selected the photo to boost, you will see the boost indicator glowing on the photo you have chosen to boost on the My Challenges/Active challenges page. Once the boost has ended, you will see a small boost icon in the top left corner



Should I unlock a boost or wait for the free boost window?  


All members who joined in the first half of a challenge will get the boost unlocked in a different time window. The distribution is random and will change from challenge to challenge.

Unlocking with keys allows you to gain control over when you choose to use the boost in that challenge.


For how long is the free boost window open?

The Free Boost window is determined by the length of the challenge. Shorter challenges (for instance a 2 day challenge) will have a shorter window. 

The time frame for the window works out to roughly 8% of the challenge duration up to 6 day challenges, after that all challenges longer than 6 days will have 12 hour windows.


When do Free Boosts start being given in a challenge?

The free boost will start opening to members who have joined a challenge after the initial vote delay, not before.



FAQ - 

  • For every challenge entered- the participant is given one Boost period that can be applied to one photograph entered in that challenge.

  • Swapping a Boosted photo for another will not transfer it to the new photo you've entered.

  • The Boost period is limited to a specific number of views, dependent on the overall number of views in the challenge at a given time

  • The Boost period is free in the automated mode, which occurs once, randomly, during the challenge time frame. However, the participant must visit the challenge board and activate the free Boost. The Free Boost is ready for activation when the “Boost Button” flashes.

  • A participant can manually activate the Boost session, at any time during the challenge, with a “Key”.

  • Keys are acquired, for free, through challenge participation, and by meeting goals within that challenge, or they can also be purchased.

  • To activate the Boost period with a Key, you simply click the “Boost Button” and then click the “Unlock Button”. The Boost button will become illuminated and you are ready to Boost one photo.

  • Click the Boost Button. The four photos, entered into that particular challenge, are presented. Select the photo that you wish to Boost.

  • That photograph will now have the “Boost Rocket” blinking over the image thumbnail during the Boost period.

  •  When the Boost period is over-the rocket will remain over the image to indicate that the Boost, for that particular challenge, has been used



1. The free Boost is only free as long as you visit your challenge page during the time window in which the boost is active.

2. The Boost is limited to a set number of views.

3. You can unlock the Boost at any time during the challenge with a Key.

4. Keys are acquired through meeting challenge goals or purchasing them.