What is GuruShots about?

GuruShots is the worlds greatest game for photographers, you will begin a “Newbie”, and as you show true grit, determination, and talent, while battling your way one challenge at a time- the status of “Guru” is within your reach.

Becoming a Guru will be challenging- success and value come only with commitment.

Show the world your creative eye, your impeccable sense of timing, your determination and

patience to get that one shot… that award-winning shot.

At GuruShots, you are part of a community that wants you to win. We want to see your

images that capture our imagination.

Joining Challenges

In order to join a challenge, go to the "Open Challenges" section, select one of the challenges you would like to join and mouse over it.

Then press the 'Submit Photos' button to add photos from your device or profile.

Once you're done, press 'Submit' and you're in!

Please note that you are only allowed to submit up to 4 photos per challenge and make sure to read the challenge brief and rules before you select the images you want to participate in.