Team Contribution Point Rewards

Earn more resources just by participating in Matches! Every Match rewards Contribution Points even if your team wins or loses. Contribution Points are rewarded based on your final rank in each Match between you and your teammates. The higher you rank in your Team’s Match the more Contribution Points you will receive. When you have filled the Team Points meter you will receive the chest displayed. 

How are points awarded?

Active member points:

1st place is awarded 200 points and every place below receives 5 points less (so 2nd - 195, 3rd - 190, etc)

Standby member points:

All Standby members will receive 70 points 

Additional Team Member points:

In addition, each additional Team member that joins a Match will add an additional 5 points to every other team member in the match (so if 10 members are in the match all team members will get an additional 50 points)

What Rewards are given?

There are 5 different Chests that can be awarded (Wood, Metal, Bronze, Silver, Gold), Wood being of the lowest value and Gold being the Highest. 

All chests require the same amount of Contribution Points in order to unlock. The contents of these Chests are unique to the Contribution Point Rewards.

What happens to my points if I leave my team or I’m removed from my team?

The Contribution Points you have earned for your Chest will remain if you leave or are removed from your Team, you will not lose your progression but you will need to join another Team to continue earning Contribution Points.

However, your contribution points for the team leaderboard will reset if you join a new team, if you rejoin the same team the Contribution Points in the Team Leaderboard will return.