When submitting photos to a Battle please keep in mind to follow the below rules. Breaking any combination of the following submission rules can result in your photo being removed from the Battle. Repetitive abuse of these rules will result in warnings, account suspension, and eventually deletion.

These rules have been created to maximize the quality of the photography and experience on the GuruShots platform.

Please remember, all images uploaded to the platform must be taken (shot) by you.


Submit on-topic photos to challenges with specific topics. The rules of the challenge are outlined by the title and the description of the challenge. The photo being submitted should include the objects/concepts of the challenge theme.


Any photo that has been proven to be the copyrighted work of another individual will be deleted from the platform. If you have uploaded photos to your account that are the copyrighted work of another individual your account will be deleted without warning. The burden of proof of copyright ownership is on the person submitting to the platform.

Composite images

Composite images are allowed on the platform, however, all parts of the composite need to be photographed by you. Purchasing/using any sort of stock imagery/icons/graphics to add to your photograph breaks this rule. If you took a photograph of a sky and added it to your image, that's fine. If you are using stock sky imagery in your image, that is not OK and will be grounds for removal of the image.