What is Turbo?

Turbo, like the boost, allows you to give a burst of exposure to one selected photo in a challenge. The difference between the turbo and the boost is that the turbo provides more exposure than the boost.

How do I get the Turbo?

To enjoy the turbo, you must participate in a special minigame. In that minigame, you'll be presented with 2 images, and you need to choose which image got rated higher, on a view-to-vote ratio in the selected challenge. Every minigame will present the goal at the beginning. Still, the general goal is to choose enough images correctly, according to the goal.

Win at the minigame and get your turbo.

How do I participate in the minigame?

Every challenge will offer Turbo after the challenge gathers enough data. The duration will be visible on the turbo button with a timer. After the timer ends, Turbo will be available for free. You can use your free turbo only once per each challenge. Did you win the free minigame? Great job, you can enjoy your turbo. You failed? You can always try again by using 1 key.

After using a turbo on a photo, the minigame will be unavailable for that challenge.

Turbo Buttons

The Turbo button will indicate the turbo status in each specific challenge.

The Turbo buttons have 5 different states:

How do I use the Turbo?

Once the turbo is available, you can choose 1 photo to use it on.

Turbo can be used only on photos that are not using boost already.