GuruShot Points, GS Points for short, are earned by participating in challenges. 

GS Points are earned every time you Level Up in a Challenge and when you earn an achievement in a Challenge (Top Photographer, Top 30%, etc...)

The more GS points you earn the higher your status and influence in the GuruShots community.

With a higher status, your votes will have more power to influence challenges since they count for more (we call it your 'Voting Power').

GuruShots Points are earned for the following achievements:

AchievementGS Points
Reach Popular Level in a Challenge (accumulate)30
Reach Skilled Level in a Challenge (accumulate)30
Reach Premier Level in a Challenge (accumulate)40
Reach Elite Level in a Challenge (accumulate)150
Reach All Star Level  in a Challenge (accumulate)350
Top 30% Overall Top Photo650
Top 30% Overall Photographer650
Top 20% Overall Top Photo800
Top 20% Overall Photographer800
Top 10% Overall Top Photo1,100
Top 10% Overall Photographer1,100
Top 5% Overall Photo1,400
Top 5% Overall Photographer1,400
Top 100 Overall Top Photo1,500
Top 10 Overall Photo1,750
Top 100 Overall Photographer1,500
Top 10 Overall Photographer1,750
Guru Top Pick2,000
Top Photo2,500
Top Photographer3,000


  1. GS Points for Level Up Achievements (All Star, Skilled, etc) are given during a Challenge when the Level is reached. 
  2. Level Up achievements accumulate as they are earned during the challenge. For instance, getting an All Star achievement means you also earned the points from Popular + Skilled+ Premier + Elite on your way to All Star (total of 600 points)
  3. All other Achievements are only earned when a Challenge has ended and will be added to the total Level Up points you earned. For instance, a Top 100 achievement will include Popular + Skilled + Premier + Elite + All Star + Top 100. This would earn you a total of 2,100 points.